1) Real time campaign monitoring

With Promptchat’s white label chat software you can have Real time campaign monitoring for PPC adwords, banner advertisements and Email marketing campaigns

You can track in real time which website visitor came from an online campaign such as a GOOGLE PPC adwords campaign or a Banner, Email campaign etc…

All you need to do is 3 simple steps to ensure that each of your campaign’s landing page has a corresponding campaign code generated by Promptchat. Simply create a new Campaign in the Administration/Campaigns sub menu like this;

real time campaign monitoring

Paste the Direct campaign code into a Notepad soyou have it at hand when creating your Adwords or any other online campaign. You will need to paste this “Direct link” as the landing page URL in your Advert or hyperlink in your campaigns.

Once someone clicks your advert or hyperlink, Promptchat will show the Campaign’s title (in our above example, the Name of our example campaign is called: Banner ad Campaign) in the Campaign column of the “list of Visitors Grid” of the chat client user interface. See below;

tracking banner ad campaigns

Now  you are all set for real time campaign monitoring of your PPC adwords or any other online campaigns.

2) Personalized chatbox dedicated to campaign clickers

The next thing you can do is learning how to set up and dedicate a chatbox for each of your campaign clickers. With this feature you can greet your campaign clickers with a personalized message once they arrive to your site. (Great for keeping the attention spam of your clicker – ideal for online engagement)

Campaign dedicated chatbox


And now continue to customize this chatbox per your requirements. When you save it, this chatbox will take priority over any other chatbox that you have made available for this account. Ie: all website visitors who arrive to your site(s) via the URL you have created in the Campaign editor will get this chatbox., which you customize for such visitors only.

How can this be useful as an effective online engagement tool:

For instance, you are selling Contact lenses and use Google Adwords to get visitors to your offer/website. You will advertise something like this: Buy one Contact lense and get a second paid for free. Hurry, offer ends soon. When visitors click on this advert they will enter your landing page you prepared for this Ad (together with the Campaign Code we described above) plus the dedicated chatbox which you can set up in auto-open mode with the following greeting text in it: Thanks for clicking our ad, yes you are still eligible for the Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer, simply enter your name and phone number in the chatbox and one of our sales specialists will call you to take your details. -> You just got yourself a new sales lead simply because you narrowed down the attention spam of your website visitor by offering him exactly what he wanted upon entering your website.

 You can download this document by clicking here:Real time campaign monitoring for PPC Adwords