HOW IT WORKS: Chatbot builder

Chatbot builder

Chatbot builder


Conversation flow builder
Build engaging custom chat conversation flows with a visual drag & drop editor for;

  • support automation
  • sales lead generation and qualification
  • conversational marketing bots

Rich Media
Endow your chatbots with images and GIFs, carousels to display products and services.

Open API
Make your chatbot intelligent using our industry leading open API with a built in visual testing module.

Trigger points
Establish trigger points throughout the bot conversation journey and take the users down a new path based on the trigger point they reach.


Chatbox editor (for web)
Customize the look and feel of your chatbot down to the last little detail. You can personalize all aspects of the website bubble and the chatbox content area with your colours, logos, hyperlinks and background.


Customize your alerts
Set up when, where and how you wish to receive notifications from the system. You might want to receive an SMS notification when a user requests live chat support. Or you might want to intervene with live chat when a user is browsing the price comparison block in one of your chatbots. Promptchat allows you to receive notifications by Email or SMS, you may even set your own dedicated .wav file for audio alerts.


Live take over
Monitor in real-time all chatbot conversations and take over via live chat when you think the time is right. Chatbot conversations can be on FB Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Viber, Telegram or on your website, Promptchat’s real-time take over feature supports all platforms.


Calendar based event booking manager
Set up individual and/or team calendars and let the chatbot schedule meetings, interviews or call back requests based on preset opening hours and availability rules. Promptchat’s calendars are time zone intelligent and you can receive new booking alerts via SMS or Email.


Real-time too
Learn how your users are most engaged and where the drop off points are. Detailed usage statistics and transcripts of every chatbot session is archived indefinitely.


Universal and Multi-channel
Engage your users wherever they are! Promptchat’s universal chatbot engine allows users to build one chatbot and post it across all popular channels including SMS, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Viber and Telegram in addition to a website(s).

Build Chatbots for any platform

White Label

White label chat platform

Chatbots with live chat for

  • Digital Agencies,
  • Developers,
  • Portals