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  • Hosted or On Premise self hosted editions
  • Live website visitor tracking
  • Proactive, passive and automatic live chat invitations

Outmarket Your Competitors & Sell More with Live Chat Software

Industry average: 2,5% of all website visitors engage in a chat session, whatever your goal is with your online presence, you can use Live chat software for online engagement, sales lead generation and customer support.

We have customers who doubled their business simply by using our live chat software

You can invite your website visitors for a live chat through the chatbox floating above your webpages. It’s that simple. It works. On another note, in the online world, it really doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, someone will run into a problem, and your customers don’t want to wait for help or deal with difficult support channels.
Online chat software gives your customers the instant assistance they need.
Our live chat software for websites also offers your business a variety of analytic tools and customization to give you an edge in online sales.

Chatbox: A tool to double your websites enquiries!

Allowing your website visitors to chat with you on your website is the best way to gain trust and loyalty to your business. Live Chat Software imitates the online sales conversion that takes place within a physical store and allows customers to be helped throughout the steps of the purchasing funnel. Your website visitors feel empowered when they use Live Chat. Everyone enjoys the comfort of empathy when someone cares and actually is willing to help right away.

Phone and email is actually more time consuming to both the website visitor and your business. Your website visitors won’t have to leave their current medium in order to interact with you. Convenience is key when it comes to sales.

Live Chat ON THE GO: Never miss a chat request again!

Now you can chat with your website visitors on your mobile devices simply log in to your usual account and be available via your phone! Many small businesses do not have the resources to have someone manning their live chat in the office. Promptchat has mobile apps for Android and iOS devices so as long as you have either one of them, you can take chat requests no matter where you are. It’s just like picking up a phone call! When it rings, you got yourself a potential sales lead alternatively one of your existing customers needs your help -> Good support results in repeat business. So either way, your efforts pay off!

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The top 10 reasons why you should get our live chat software for websites:

Increase online sales from your existing website traffic
Convert your website visitors to qualified leads and sales
Interact in real time with visitors and guide them around your website
Solve problems and address customer service issues quickly
Engage with people who don’t have time to read through your website
Receive priceless customer feedback
Enhance your company’s credibility and give your visitors confidence
Inform visitors of special offers that may not be listed on your website
Book Appointments through the chatbox
Reduce shopping cart abandonment on e-commerce sites

Here are some of the most important Live Chat Software for Websites Features, download the pdf to learn about them all.

  • Internal Operator ChatRoom
  • Customizable Form Builder
  • Proactive Chat Invitation
  • Auto Open Chat per Rules
  • Track Visitor Footprints
  • Track Visitor Referrer, Keyword
  • Real-Time Visitor Monitoring
  • Live mouse, keyboard tracking
  • Powerful Customization Options
  • Live Chat on unlimited domains
  • Use unlimited chat operators
  • Name visitors, know return visits
  • Online Campaign Tracking
  • Auto-email chat transcripts
  • Built in Project manager
  • Built in ToDo Task Manager
  • Detailed Reports, Chat Statistics
  • Unlimited Departments, Categories
  • Integration with Chat Center
  • Integration with Visitpath
  • Integrate with Newsletter Systems
  • Set up, measure Induced Events
  • Display offers under the chatbox
  • Push visitor to another webpage
  • Chat GUI available in 6 languages
  • Built in 1 click Help System
  • Fully Optimized For Mobile devices

Questions: Will it work on my website? How easy is it to install?


Promptchat can be installed quickly and easily into 99.99% of all websites and e-commerce stores including even flash websites. Below are some of the most popular CMS systems but don’t worry if yours is a custom built website or don’t see your CMS on the image below because during the past 6 years, we have only had 1 or 2 cases where Promptchat couldn’t be installed.
The script installation is usually a 1 minute procedure.

Still hesitant whether it will work for you? Read on…

No time to chat? Or you don’t want to assign resources to live chat support until you have measurable proof that it works? That’s OK. We have a websecretary service which let’s you test drive live chat on your website without requiring any effort on your behalf. We deploy the software on your website and our live chat agents will provide live chat sales support to your web visitors without getting involved with your business. Simply put, we pick up the web visitors’ Name, Nature of inquiry, Contact details and automatically email you these details for you to follow up. The 1st 10 meaningful live chat sessions are for free. You can then decide if you want to carry on with the outsourced chat service, alternatively do your own chatting.

What Else? How much does the software cost?

Promptchat has a Cloud Hosted edition which starts at $10 per month and a Self Hosted, owned system edition for a one off fee of $380 see the comparison table here!
If you still have questions before making a decision, feel free to contact us.

  • We never receive your credit card details during the purchase process.
  • If you pick a subscription plan you can cancel anytime with a single click.
  • You can take advantage of our free installation & configuration service.
  • Email and Live Chat support is provided free of charge for life!

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