Promptchat: The #1 Selling White Label Chat Server

With over 6,000+ Users and counting, Promptchat is the most complete and trusted chat server on the market.

For Website Owners

Introduce online chat support on your website in minutes. Use our live chat software on your website for live customer support, measure the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns and increase your online sales. Used by thousands, it’s simple and effective.

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For Online Agencies

Our flagship product; The Promptchat white label live chat server now powers over 100 live chat companies. Completely branded with your logos, hyperlinks and could be self hosted with server side source code.
Start your own live chat business in a day.

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For Call Centers

The Chat Center system was originally
co-designed by us and a Call Center back in 2010. As of today, the Chat Center system is deployed in over 80 Contact Centers around the world, providing outsourced chat services by thousands of call center agents.

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Get a cloud hosted Promptchat live chatbox on your website and start providing live chat support to your visitors.Sign up

Promptchat is a complete, scalable live chat server software for online sales & support.

Packed with industry leading features Promptchat is designed for corporate website owners, Online marketing agencies and Contact centers that require a commercially flexible and rapidly deployable online chat server solution. Whatever your goal, choose cloud hosted live chat software or in-house self hosted white label chat server.

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Website visitors served each minute
Happy White label chat server customers
Modern Call Center customers worldwide
Hours to setup your own branded unlimited chat server

Totally Unlimited: The Last Live Chat Software You Will Ever Need

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited experience! 100% customizable chatbox skins, unlimited customer accounts, domains, chat agents. There is simply NO other live chat server software on the market offering zero limits.

php mysql chat server

100+ live chat companies: Powered by the Promptchat chat server

Promptchat is loaded with useful features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Promptchat is not only built by us, but also by our users via custom developments.

Floating chat button

Floating Invitation to Chat

The live chat administrator can set the chat box to float at the top, center or bottom of the page on either side as the website visitor moves around your webpage(s).
PHP chat server

Pre & Post Customer Survey

You are able to customize your pre- and post-chat surveys. A typical pre-chat survey asks for the visitor’s name, email address and the question they have. Post-chat survey is useful for reviews.

Chat client mobile apps

The live chat account owner can login to the account through an Android and iPhone/iPad mobile device & continue to offer live chat support to site visitors, also monitor live traffic.
downloadable chat server

Create & Track Campaigns

The Promptchat live chat software allows you to place live chat links in social media, emails, Banner adverts, PPC adverts. You can track and enable chat functionality with one click.
Sound alerts

Sound & Visual Alerts

Sound and visual alerts let chat agents know when a new visitor has entered the site, when a visitor has clicked a chat now button or sent a message through an embedded chatbox.
canned responses

Greetings, Canned Responses

Customized pre-set greetings allow for quick and accurate responses. Canned messages and responses are pre-written for frequently asked questions and easily accessed by the agent.
Operator chatroom

Multiple Simultaneous Chats

Live chat operators are able to help multiple site visitors at any given time. In addition multiple chat operators can assist a single visitor by inviting each other in the session.
chat transfer

Chat Transfer

If a visitor’s needs do not match the skill level of the operator, or if an operator believes someone else may serve a customer better, he/she can transfer the customer to a new agent.
typing indicator

Typing Indicator

When a visitor types in the chatbox, your operator will see that they are typing. Vice versa, When the operator is typing a message, the visitor will know that they are typing.

Those Are Just A Few Live Chat Software Features, See More Below

  • Internal Operator ChatRoom

  • Customizable Form Builder

  • Proactive Chat Invitation

  • Auto Open Chat per Rules

  • Track Visitor Footprints

  • Track Visitor Referrer, Keyword

  • Real-Time Visitor Monitoring

  • Live mouse, keyboard tracking

  • Powerful Customization Options

  • Live Chat an unlimited domains

  • Use unlimited chat operators

  • Name visitors, know return visits

  • Online Campaign Tracking

  • Auto-email chat transcripts

  • Built in Project manager

  • Built in ToDo Task Manager

  • Detailed Reports, Chat Statistics

  • Unlimited Departments, Categories

  • Integration with Chat Center

  • Integration with Visitpath

  • Integrate with Newsletter Systems

  • Set up, measure Induced Events

  • Display offers under the chatbox

  • Push visitor to another webpage

  • Chat GUI available in 6 languages

  • Built in 1 click Help System

  • Fully Optimized For Mobile devices



Online agencies, Web hosts, Web designers, SEO and Marketing specialists, Entrepeneurs can start their own private label chat server completely rebranded. It is a one time small investment to serve unlimited domains! Set your own prices and upsell your existing clientele by starting your own live chat service with the Promptchat White Label Chat Server Software.

private label chat server software

Your own: Web Based Customer Account Management Console

Create new customers and manage existing customers of the chat software via the customer management dashboard. Just log in, categorize your customers into groups, set timeframes for the service, add domains to customer accounts. Also set the total number of chat operators with access rights to the account and control which features they are entitled to. The chat server is unlimited! No further hidden fees per account!


chat server system

The Client Management Dashboard Gives You Total Control Over Your Customer Accounts

The self hosted white label chat server is nowhere connected to any of our systems. The server side source code is freely available with every installation so that you can continue to add/integrate further features. Some of the default features below:

own brand chat

Custom branding

You will have your own custom branded desktop and mobile live chat software. You can brand everything with your logos, hyperlink even the Software Licensee Agreement.
billing integrated chat service

Currency & Billing Control

Set your prices for your chat service and you have complete control over your billing. PayPal integration plugin is available. Other payment gateways can be custom integrated.
live chat features

Chat software Feature control

You have full authority on the features you include in the live chat plans you offer. Add and remove features per your pricing policy – Even offer a free plan if you like.
live traffic monitoring

Monitor account usage

Manage your existing customers, time frames, chat agent access, add and delete domains with full access to monitoring account usage.
online account generator

Online Account Generators

Create online account generator forms and put these in an Iframe on your website(s). Let your website traffic do the sales for you. Via these forms you can offer trial periods too.
built in affiliate tracking

Reseller, Affiliate Tracking

The Customer Management Dashboard allows you to create (none administrative) dashboard access for your Resellers and Affiliates for them to create and manage their own client accounts.
built in autoresponder

Email autoresponder

Built in Email autoresponder sends emails to new accounts automatically diruing the signup process. Email content and subject can be edited with HTML editor.
built in mail server

Integrated Mail server

Mail server using your SMTP details sends system related messages and chat transcripts to your users and their website visitors. Fully comprehensive and secure carrying your brand.
live chat for call centers

Chat Center Integration

The customer management dashboard is fully integrated with the Chat Center System. You can add any Chat account to a Chat Center Account (managed chat service providers) at a click of a button.

User Reviews: We are in the same business as our customers.

We are fully dedicated to our user base. When you buy the Promptchat chat server, whether you are a website owner client or a white label live chat service provider there is no need to worry about customer support. With over 15,000 site visitors served each minute, you cannot go wrong with Promptchat. See what our users say!

“Bookmark this page as one of your “Must Haves in 2014”

The live chat software provided by this white label server is one of our Top 3 services. Once you start offering chat services, the applications are endless. The support for the system is outstanding. Great job!!!”
- 247 SEO Technology

I bought the chat server and i recommend it to every one who is a none programmer such as me. It is out of the box therefore very convenient and the customer service is very reactive. You won’t find this anywhere else on the web – I spent 3 months searching…
Mathias, Private label
We are web designers and this is one of the services we offer to our business customers for their website. Our live chat service generate income every month. If we didn’t offer it, they would buy it elsewhere, so it was a no brainer.
Tory, Private label
Promptchat have been very helpful in all aspects of the system roll out. Would definitely recommend to any call center wanting to introduce live chat service to their clientele. I give 10 stars for support.
Kate, Private label
I already gave a 5-star rating, but I also wanted to provide my two cents in case anyone is unsure about purchasing this online chat server. Not only is the chat software itself very versatile and easy to use, but the hands on training is priceless. The pay monthly deal made it a very quick decision and it is the best $50 I spend for software.
Willem, Private label
We researched a number of Call Center software on the market and found the Promptchat Chat Center the best value for money as well as being able to integrate to our systems through customizing was a deal breaker. Promptchat did a good job, we are happy, would definetly recommend to other multi language Contact Centers.
Sarah, 365 Contacts

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