What's New

What's New

Cool features in Promptchat


Bring your emailers to your Chatboard 


  • Bring your email senders to your Chatboard automatically by Promptchat's Email parsing and SMS broadcasting solution.
  • Set up an email address which Promptchat will scan 24/7 for new emails
  • Promptchat will parse the sender's phone number in the incoming emails
  • And instantly send a text message with an invitation link inviting the email sender to your WhatsApp or FB, Viber or Telegram channel


Supercharge your Facebook Lead Ads with an instant WhatsApp and/or SMS invite


  • Launch a Facebook Lead Ads campaign and make the most of your advertising spend
  • As soon as a new lead fills in the Facebook lead form an instant WhatsApp or SMS message is sent to them with an invitation to your Chatboard
  • The drip campaign feature is supported and you will be able to periodically auto-message each lead with the drip campaign of your choice.


Drip Marketing via WhatsApp (or any other supported channel)


  • What you do in Emails now you can via chat


Software version release notes


Ver. 2.0.23

  • List of subscribers πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§ now available per chat campaign.

Ver. 2.0.20

  • Query and database optimization in order to speed up the real-time Chatboard loading times.🚴🏼🚴🏼

Ver. 2.0.19

  • Release of the Chat Campaign feature. Now you can create drip marketing chat campaigns. Chatbot users can subscribe to campaigns and start receiving chat broadcasts with predefined messages in various time intervals per your settings. (Just like an email autoresponder but for chat πŸ˜‰. Supports all channels including WhatsApp, SMS, Viber, Telegram and FB Messenger.)


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