About live chat software

How to create the default configuration for use by the Online Account Generator

Why is this important?
You can create 1 default configuration for 1 default chatbox so that upon creating a new account with the online account generator all your new customers get this default chatbox. (ie: you don’t need to manually create all new accounts and configure them one by one for each of your client)
Step […]

What is the difference between Chat Center and the White Label chat server

Promptchat Call Center Chat Software Overview
Start providing live chat service on your customers’ websites with Chat Center
Promptchat Chat Center was designed for Contact Centers.

” What differentiates Chat Center from the
Promptchat white label chat server product? ”

Preface; about our flagship product: The White label chat server:

The White label chat server was designed for companies wanting to […]

About Live Chat Software For Sales And Support

Why live chat software support pays off?
When it comes to sales and support, live chat software support is essential. For your efforts to be fruitful, the software must have the following features:

It must allow online representatives to have concurrent chats with the website visitors

It should have a knowledge database and a message list that […]