There are 2 main benefits you gain by using the Newsletter Software as an add-on to the Promptchat live chat system

BENEFIT Number 1:

Let the live chatbox work for you in Offline mode!

The following example will give you an idea of what you can use this system for while you sleep:)

This is the example of how use the chatbox while nobody is available to take chat requests from our website visitors:

Lead generator Chatbox

 How to integrate the Newsletter List with the particular Form?



You can create and send forms to web visitors like:

  • Sign up to Newsletter
  • Get an instant discount voucher
  • Get a free Ebook or Free trial of a product or service
  • Enter into a prize draw etc….


Experience shows that it’s easier to sign up a web visitor to something during a live chat conversation than without having to send him on a different webpage plus this can work automatically while everybody is offline.


BENEFIT Number 2:

Know who is browsing your website to achieve better conversion rates!

Any website visitor who signs up through such form (the signup form does not necessarily have to be inside the chatbox – it can be anywhere on the web) and clicks on any of the links in any future emails sent by the newsletter software will be recorded by Promptchat’s Visitor Grid and stay there forever. So all chat operators on the account can benefit from knowing who is on the site at all times. (without having to manually rename each IP – which of course you can only do after you chatted with the particular visitor as you need to know who it is in the 1st place.

See an example below:

Who is browsing my site

You can achieve this by simple using the following tags in your Newsletter which you send out as a campaign.

For instance this is a standard tag for acquiring the name and address of an Email recipient:


Simply add this Tag in the HTML of the Newsletter campaign.


You get an easy to use, fully featured Newsletter system which use Amazon’s infrastructure to ensure the  highest possible email deliverability rate at the best price on the market.

Amazon will charge you  $1 / 10,000 Emails sent.

  • Bounce, complaint & unsubscribe handling
  • Beautiful reports
  • Unlimited Newsletter Lists and Subscribers
  • Send Newsletters with your own SMTP or with Amazon’s SES infrastructure
  • Set up Autoresponders per Lists


Further details on the Newsletter System can be found on: