Why is this important?

You can create 1 default configuration for 1 default chatbox so that upon creating a new account with the online account generator all your new customers get this default chatbox. (ie: you don’t need to manually create all new accounts and configure them one by one for each of your client)

Step 1:

creat a new live chat account

Creat a “Default” account

Create a new account and call it for example “default_en”.

Step 2:

log in

Log in to the default account

Now, start the chat client software and log in to this default_en account with the chat operator name and password you created.


Once logged into the default_en account, go ahead and configure this account to the best of your knowledge and exactly as you want your customers to receive their chat account. The 2 most important settings are:


set default configuration

Prepare default configuration


The Administration/Chatboxes submenus;

Prepare default chatbox

Prepare default chatbox

Make sure that you have correctly set the chatbox header content so your customers receive a chatbox with your logo in the header –> You find this in Administration/Configurations also don’t forget to upload a floating chat button for both online/offline modes in Administration/Chatboxes. When you have configured the default account’s chatbox, you can now select this account to be the “template account” for the online account generator. By doing this, all your customers who create new accounts by the use of the online account generator will have received their account with this “master account” configuration and chatbox.

Step 4:

Create the online chat account generator

Create the Online Account Generator

You set this in your client administration system, in the “Generators” section. See the following screenshot;

Step 5:

You can continue to personalize this account generator by filling in the rest of it, such as Header and Footer for the account generator, the Email autoresponder email etc…. see live example on; http://promptchat.com/start-free-live-chat-software-trial/ or have a look below;


When complete, save the Generator and insert the generator script into an Iframe ready for placing into the HTML of your website. If you need helop with this you can browse the Online User Manual or issue a support ticket.