How to customize the appearance of the chatbox in order to match the design of your website

The chatbox for website appearance is managed by the skin engine, which can be found in the Administration/Chatboxes submenu.

Promptchat Skin Engine

Promptchat supports 5 different skin engines.

1)      Default: Choose this option if you want to display images in the header of the chatbox and images in the body of the chatbox, such as an operator’s image. In addition should you pick the “default” PC skin, you will be able to display PPC style rotating advertisements in the footer of the chatbox. There are about 15x different ready made chatbox skins under the “Skin” menu and you will be able to assign these to your chatbox if you pick this “default” PC skin.

Here is a screenshot of the “Skin” drop down menu giving you the option to pick a ready-made skin colour, Note, that you can pick any of the colours except for the “minimalblue” (this is reserved for the “minimal PC skin engine”);

  Chatbox skins

2)      Embedded: Choose this option if you are embedding the entire chatbox in the HTML of your website in a particular location. Like a contact form widget. (this option is only used on 0.5% of all websites for special circumstances such as in-app chatting in Fliber’s mobile apps) There is a ready made “embedded chatbox skin” under the Skin menu point. If you pick the Embedded PC Skin, you can use any of the skins from the above “Skin” drop down menu.

3)      Minimal: Choose this option if you want to display a minimalistic blue colour chatbox. Note that you cannot display images in the header or the body of the chatbox, neither does it support displaying of the “rotating offers Field”. However it appears more modern in design, therefore many website owners prefer it to the traditional style “default” PC Skin. Should you choose this “minimal” option for the PC skin, you can only! use the “minimalblue” skin from the “Skins” drop-down menu item.

4)      Mobile: There is a special responsive chatbox which display by default only on Mobile devices. However you can pick this option if you want to display this mobile chatbox across all desktop platforms too. Test and and see if you like this option. The chat button on the website will be in the bottom, middle area of the website and it takes up most of the space on desktop computers (similarly to the small screen mobile devices)

5)      Transparent: This is the default skin in all newly created accounts. This is the most modern looking chatbox which comes in 2x colours for now. Transblue and Transyellow. This chatbox design does support images in the header area, however it lacks support for displaying the offers field.

 Transparent chatbox