Promptchat Call Center Chat Software Overview

Start providing live chat service on your customers’ websites with Chat Center

Promptchat Chat Center was designed for Contact Centers.

” What differentiates Chat Center from the
Promptchat white label chat server product? “

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Preface; about our flagship product: The White label chat server:

The White label chat server was designed for companies wanting to start their own live chat software business. It is an unlimited system with a web based customer management console where administrators can create unlimited live chat accounts and distribute them to their clientele. In other words, if anybody ever wanted to launch a SAAS live chat service provider company they can do that without having to develop anything. The system comes branded with the logos/hyperlinks sent to us. The Promptchat brand is nowhere visible to the end user and this system is available as a monthly hosted leased server ($50 per month) or for a one off purchase ($680). Optional addons include: Web based chat client, Android and iOS mobile apps.
There are over 120 live chat service providers worldwide using the Promptchat white label chat hosting server.
Contact us for a reference list and start your own live chat service within a day!

The Promptchat Call Center Chat Software: The Chat Center product is fully integrated with the White Label Chat Server and let’s explain below where and how it is different to the White Label Chat Server.

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Preface; about the Chat Center product.

We developed the Promptchat Chat Center system as an add-on to the White label Chat Server. Whereas the White Label Chat Server allows for chatting on unlimited domains within an account using unlimited live chat agents, the Chat Center Software provides the functionality of enabling Live Chat Agents to monitor and chat on accounts assigned to the Chat Center. Let’s explain this in plain english:)
Apps-Skype-alt-Metro-iconLet’s say you are using  Skype to chat with your friends. With Skype you can chat with unlimited number of friends – basically whoever you have in your contact list. And also your brother also uses Skype on his own computer. He also has a list of contacts who he chats with.
Now, imagine if there was a “Skype Center” software which your mother was using on her computer at home. By using this “Skype Center” software she can see all your conversations with your friends (scary:) and chat with them as if she were you and your brother. She is doing this using a single interface, effectively using your and your brothers’ Skype account.

Back to Promptchat now; Well, this is what the Call Center Chat Software is designed to do. Allowing website owners to chat live with their visitors and when they are too busy or at night time, the Chat center takes over and does the chatting on these websites. The Chat Center is fully integrated with the white label chat server, such as the ability to use the accounts’ canned responses and all other settings or set chat categories and pre set prices per category, automatically route incoming chat requests from the chat account to the Chat Center account in case the website owner fails to pick up an incoming chat request within 30 seconds for instance.

All usual features a Chat system will need to have such as proactive live chat invitations, automatic chat invitations based on campaign codes or URL patterns. As the lead management platform both the white label chat server as well as the Chat Center are integrated with the Newsletter software.

For a detailed list of features, please contact a member of our sales team or schedule a live remote desktop software demo. You can also go back to the main Chat Center page by clicking here.