A chat server is software that is usually installed on a VPS or Dedicated Server in order to allow users to use client computers to communicate via text, video, and voice. The software can be installed on a separate machine other than the one that runs the web server software, or it can run on the same server machine.

As an online business, it’s important that you have the software on your website to make it easy for people/website visitors to reach you.

How the chat server works

The chat server serves the chatbox on your website and you can have the server side hosted by a hosting company or host it yourself. To host it yourself, you will be required to install the chat server and add the given HTML code to your website.

When you do this, a web page from the web server that contains the chat applet will open whenever a user accesses the page. The web browser will open the page by fetching the applet.

When the server is started, it listens to the requests that you make. It does this through direct socket connections. It also listens through HTTP tunneling connections especially if you are behind a firewall.

You should note that although direct socket connections are faster than HTTP tunneling ones, they usually don’t work if you are working from behind the firewall.

About Chat groups

A chat group or a virtual chat server group is a set of chat boxes that are placed within a private space. The rooms are set such that all the members of the room are able to see the messages posted in the room.

As an owner of an online marketing agency, it’s paramount that you have this feature especially when you are dealing with many companies that are using the same server machine.

Difference Between Chat Server and Instant messaging server

Many people usually don’t tell the difference between a chat server and instant messaging server. While the two are intended to be installed on a server machine, they are quite different.

While a chat server makes it possible to host chat boxes and public chatrooms, the instant messaging server makes it easy for you to create private instant messaging network thus providing you with a list of management services.

In short we can say that a chat server provides chat boxes for various websites where website owners/chat operators can real-time interact with the website visitors while an instant messaging server manages personal contact lists from where you can launch a one to one chat with another person.

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