1) Create Your Chatbox to Display Your Offers

With Promptchat’s white label chat software you can create personalized PPC style offers and display them in a prime area in the footer of your chatbox(es). Offers can include an image, Title, Description, Footer and a Hyperlink. If you create more than one offer, these will automatically start rotating under the chatbox. You can see such chatbox as an example on this webpage when you click on the live chat example  icon on the left hand side of the page. In order for you to prepare a chatbox that displays offers, you will need to 1) create a chatbox, 2) create the offers, 3)assign the offers to the chatbox and set on which pages you want this chatbox with the offers display. In the following you see a guide as to how you can get these done.

NOTE: Only The “default” PC skin engine supports displaying offers. (Embedded, Minimal, Mobile  and Transparent do not). So the first thing you need to make sure is that you are using a chatbox which uses the “default” PC Skin engine and it’s related skins (click here to see further info regarding this setup). Check your PC skin engine settings in Administration/Chatboxes menu here:

chatbox skin enginie

Set chatbox skin engine to Default

2) Create Your Offers

You can access the offers editor in Administration/Offers menu where you can create your offers.

Customize chatbox offers

Create your chatbox offers in the Offers Editor

Simply fill in all the details required for an offer: Title, Text, Footer, URL and you can upload an image. Click the Add button to add more of these offers. These will rotate under the chatbox.

3) Set when and where to display Your Offers

You choose which page(s) you want to display such offers on (set the URL of the pages in URL Parameters of each chatbox – accessed via Administration/Chatboxes) here;

Chatbox URL parameter

Type the URL of the webpage you want to show offers on


In addition, you can also set in which chatbox state you want to display the offers. There are 4 chatbox states in total:

  • WFO (Waiting for operator mode)
  • WFV (Waiting for visitor mode)
  • SES (In live chat session mode)
  • LAM (Leave a message mode)

You can choose to display the offers in any or all of these chatbox modes. For instance you might not want to display the offers during an active live chat session but display them in the other modes. You can set this in Administration/Configurations menu here:

Check to Display Offers

Check the box to display in various chatbox states

Now go to the Administration/Chatboxes menu and select which offers “package” you want to display using that the chatbox you are currently editing. (This way, you can create as many chatboxes you want each of them showing different offers and any webpage you want it on.) See below;

Assign the Offers to a chatbox

Assign your offers to the chatbox

That’s all.