Install the Promptchat master script to place a floating “live chat button” on your website (most popular method)

Once this script is installed in your website, you will see the visitors to your site in real time and you can engage in chat conversations with them through the chatbox.
Put this script in all the pages of your website, where you want Promptchat to work (usually it is enough if you put it in the footer of the site, just before the closing body tag, which looks like this:

<!--Beginning of the Promptchat script-->
<script type="text/javascript"
<!--End of the promptchat script→


IMPORTANT: For Https domains please use in the above link:……….

Promptchat can be installed easily and quickly into 99.99% of all websites and E-commerce stores including flash websites.

Below are some of the most popular CMS systems but don’t worry if you don’t see yours on the image, Promptchat will install anyway.


How to install Promptchat on your website

If you already have a Promptchat account with active login credentials, you can start using Promptchat on your website by following the next steps:

Download the Promptchat for Desktop Windows chat client from the Downloads page.

Extract the contents of the downloaded file and install the software to your computer by double clicking the setup.exe file. Upon installation you can launch the program on your computer and login with your account name, username and password.

The software is ready for use, however you will need to connect it with your website by inserting a few scripts in the webpage(s). Inserting the installation scripts in your website is relatively easy if you have done similar script installations before but you might need to get in touch with your webmaster who can do this for you.

The process of installing this script sufficiently takes in between 3-15 minutes but in some case could be more, depending on the structure of your website. You can verify a successful installation by going to your website right after the script insertion and see if you can see the complete chatbox opening upon clicking the floating chat icon on your website. When you scroll your webpage up and down the chatbox should follow the movement of your web page even when you go to a different page of your website.
If you want to change the default floating button appearing on the website you can do that simply in the desktop software in the Administration/Chatboxes menu. You can set a different floating button for online and/or offline status. See below image:

live chat installation

Install a fixed live chat button or text in a particular place in the HTML of your webpage(s). (NOT a floating chat icon)

You will need to insert another script (in addition to the above mentioned master script) to the exact location in the HTML source of your page – where you want the live chat button to appear on your webpage.

Once visitors click on this button the chatbox will open and you, as the chat operator will receive audio and visual alerts from the chat software.

<a href="javascript:Promptchat_Open();">
<img alt="" src=""
border="0" /></a>


Remember: Put this script to the exact location in the HTML where you want it to appear and you need to have the above mentioned master script also in the webpage, preferably in the footer.

Once the script is in place, you will need to upload the icon in the software which you want to display. You can set an icon for online status and a different one for offline status. You will find this in the Desktop software by navigating to the Administration / Chatboxes menu.

Although there are default settings for alerts, note that no matter which chat client you use (Windows Desktop software or Web based chat client or any of the mobile apps) you can set when and what type of alerts you want to receive by going in the Administration / Configurations menu in the desktop software.



Install this script if you want to display a simple text in your website. For example display LIVE CHAT in the navigation menu of your website.

Upon visitors clicking on this text, the chatbox opens.

You will need to put this script also to the exact location in the HTML where you want it to appear and note, that you will need the master script in the footer of the website in addition to this script.

Here it is:

<a href="javascript:Promptchat_Open();"> --type here the text you want to display--</a>


If for any reason you still need help with installation, please feel free to contact us by issuing a support ticket together with the hosting access credentials to your website.