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Promptchat knowledgebase

Your Promptchat account comes pre configured.

Here are the basics;

The Promptchat chatbox is set to automatically open on the right hand side of your webpages (Change it by going to: Administration/Chatboxes/default chatbox/scroll down to the ‘Auto open’ menu item and untick the box. From this point onwards, the chatbox will only open if a visitor clicks on the chat icon on your website, or you manually invite him/her from the user interface)

The default colour of the chatbox is blue (Change it by going to: Administration/Chatboxes/Skin menu point. Choose your desired skin from the drop down menu and press Save.)

You will receive audio/visual alerts on your computer as soon as a web visitor types in the chatbox (Change it by going to: Configurations/Options)

You should install speakers on your computer where you want to use Promptchat (Otherwise, you receive only visual alerts (flashing button) – NOT enough in a busy office)

You can install the Promptchat Operator software on as many PCs as you like (You must have a different username/password for concurrent work) and you can use the web based chat client (Mac and Linux users) as well as the Android and iOS mobile apps.

Promptchat has a ‘leave a message form’. Your website visitors can leave a message through the chatbox when you are not online.

* HOWEVER, you will not receive these messages until you do not set the email address where you want to receive these messages in the Operator Software. Do this by going to: Administration/Chatboxes/Default chatbox/scroll down to ‘Leave a message Email’ menu point. Enter your email address here.

! FOR More advanced users who want to insert the chat icon to a particular place in the HTML of the website:

There are default graphic icons for the online button and the offline button. These buttons will show in the location where you insert Promptchat script #2.

These buttons automatically change on your website depending on your online/offline status. You can change them to your own graphic images by going to: Administration/Chatboxes/Default chatbox/scroll down to online icon and offline icon. Select a .png or .jpg or .gif image.


Download the Promptchat client software from our website and log in to your account by using the credentials you receive right after your registration.

Then, simply insert the Promptchat script into your webpage(s) just before the closing body tag or to the location where the software tells you. You need to do this on all the pages where you want Promptchat to be available.

That’s it.

You will have access to our Knowledgebase, FAQ and Forums where you find detailed manuals and videos to assist you.

When you sign up to one of our plans we will take care of the installation and configuration on your webpage(s) including personalizing the live chat software to your unique situation. We do not charge for this service so feel free to get in touch.

Copy this link and paste it in your browser to login to your Promptchat account via the web browser based chat client ;


Your server will be set up within 24 hours of you supplying the required data, as outlined below;
If you need any assistance with getting these together, please let us know by return in an email, phone or Skype or via the Ticketing system.

Your server will be running on your own brand, therefore we will need the followings;
Please set up a domain or a subdomain on an existing domain for your chat server.
Such as: “yourbrandchat.com” or “chat.yourbrand.com“.

Point this domain or subdomain to the following IP address (This is the IP address of your leased chat server hosted at our server farm either in the EU or North America depending on your choice):

Set up an Email address which your system will use for sending system related messages.
This email address is usually “chat@yourbrandchat.com” etc….
We will need the Email address, password, incoming/outgoing mail servers, SMTP details

Next, we will need your branding images for your private label system/software such as the logo in the chat client software, the company name, hyperlink etc… We provide a .zip archive with sample images. All you need to do is look at the samples and create your own images which will be used in your chat client software. Please see these samples on this link; http://promptchat.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/BrandingMaterials.zip . There is a notepad .txt file called “ToDo.txt” in the .zip archive. Please refer to that.

When complete, please create a ticket on http://promptchat.com/ and upload these required details.

VPS or Dedicated Server -> Linux or Windows Server (both supported)

Preferred Operating System for VPS/Dedicated Server is Linux CentOS6 / 64 bit

Min. 1GB RAM, 50GB HDD, Dual Processor – 2GB RAM recommended

Apache 2

– The .htaccess files should be enabled.

– mod_rewrite should be available.

– if possible compile Apache 2 and configure it to run in MPM mode workers.

– configure the TCP connection to be kept alive for 15 seconds.


– Apache should be configured to recognize files with extension .php5 as php scripts.

– The following php modules are reuired: mbstring, mcrypt, mysql, mysqli, zlib



If this server is dedicated to run only Promptchat it should be able to handle 500-1000 requests per second. That should be sufficient to handle 2000-3000 simultaneous visitors and around 200 operators.

The number of websites depends on the load of each web site.

For small business web sites the number is probably around 150.