Providing 24 hour outsourced live chat for your website converting visitors into customers.
We provide professional sales lead generation services to small and medium sized businesses as well as to larger companies serviced by our Agents based in North America and Europe. Specialising in live chat service outsourcing, we have helped many businesses make their online appearance and interactive campaigns a success. On average our Live chat agents conduct 4,000 live chat sessions per day, each categorized to relevant categories and departments and automatically sent via Email to their owners. We offer the following tailored services:

24 hours live chat outsourcing

Our agents manage your site day & night. We have globally distributed qualified staff that run shifts to offer 24-hour live chat sales & support.

Quickest way to get actionable sales leads is via your website

No matter what business you are in, we will get you pre qualified actionable sales leads – guaranteed!

Chat Operator Training

All agents have passed our strict QC requirements. We do regular training and require all agents to review notes for each client daily.

Performance reporting

What is not measured can not improve. We provide reporting in our lead management system so you can gain clear insights including video reports of all your web visitors’ behaviour.

Focus on online conversion

Our goal is to drive new leads via live chat oursourcing. By providing live support, we see an increase in lead generation of 35% on average.

Quality Sales Leads

You only pay when we deliver. We support your site via outsourced live chat 24 hours a day, however you only pay when we deliver quality leads.

Secure and Private communication

All communication over SSL. All chats are transmitted via a secure connection so no outside eyes will see your sensitive data.


Providing 24 hour outsourced live chat service for your website converting visitors into customers.


Outsourced Live chat can significantly increase website conversion rates. Our Outsource live chat agents proactively start chats based on visitor behaviour and quickly convert them into actionable sales leads, delivered instantly via email. It is by far the most efficient sales lead generation platform in today’s onine market.


      • Lead management system; All leads are delivered via email and also recorded in our lead management system. At any point you can see an overview of all present and past leads.
      • Internal FAQ system for agents; The better we understand your business the better we can support your clients. We ask new clients to document FAQs and maintain such questions to assist agents.
      • Lead approval / rejection; As you are billed per lead generated, it is important that you have the ability to provide feedback on these leads and let our team know if you think a lead does not qualify.
      • Chat based support system; All clients have access to our internal support ticketing system which can be linked to specific chats or leads. This way we are able to address the specific issues in a timely manner.
      • Complete chat history; We believe that it is important we operate with full transparency. Every chat that takes place on your website is recorded in your chat logs even those that do not eventuate into a lead.
      • Detailed chat activity reports; So that you can understand the results we are providing we have a built in reporting tool that will give you an summary of our service and the activity generated.


Our easy-to-use lead management system allows you to manage every aspect of our service. From here you can view and accept leads, see chat logs, preview reports and build a knowledge base for our chat agents to use to get smarter!
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How do our Outsourced Live Chat Agents Work

How do agents answer specific questions about my business?

Our agents never get involved with your business. We focus on getting a name, contact details and nature of inquiry. These details are automatically and instantly emailed to you or sent to you via Instant Messenger service.

What if the website visitor's inquiry is extra urgent and the agent cannot help?

The live chat agent will call you on a preset telephone number and assist the web visitor together with your help. We find that this premium service works very well for both web visitor and website owner.

What level of training is required and how do we get started?

The training required is minimal since our agents are strictly focused on obtaining the contact details of the web visitor. The service can be deployed on your website within hours during weekday hours.

Where are our live chat agents physically? English language only?

Our head office is in the UK and some of our agents are based in the UK, in The Netherlands and some in the USA. Strict quality control ensure high quality. Chat service is in English only.

How am I billed for the sales leads?

For our pay-per-lead option client will need to pre-pay a set amount of credit on our system. When we generate an approved lead, a set fee will be deducted from your held balance.

Will you install the chat on my site?

Installing the live chat software on your website is as easy as putting two extra lines of code on your site. We will provide this once your account is set up or you can do it too.

Who is notified of leads and how?

When a lead is generated, it is added to the lead management system and instantly emailed out with the complete chat transcript to a designated email address or sent via a Messenger.


Daily 8 hour service cost per month
US$ 200 (this includes the 1st 100 meaningful live chat sessions, after that if there is more than 100 meaningful chat sessions in 1 month, we bill $2 per each chat on top of the 100)

Meaningful live chat sessions mean 2 way communication between website visitor and live chat agent.

Daily 12 hour service cost per month:
The daily 12 hour service is US$ 300 and includes the 1st 150 chat sessions. We bill $2 per chat on top of the 150 within the calendar month period.

24 Hour and Weekend rates to be announced in december 2015. This service starts on the 2nd January 2016.

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