Promptchat has a built in form builder software which allows users to create all sorts of forms and send them to website visitors either during a live chat session or use them for Automatic Sending when offline. (Great for sales lead generation). Some of the popular uses of these forms are, Newsletter registration, Appointment scheduling, Voucher downloads, Review form, questionnaires) This manual will guide you through the process of creating a form;

1) Log in to your Promptchat account and navigate to Administration/Forms. This is the form builder software feature. Click to create a new form. Fill in the Name of the form, title, Intro, Sent, Open message and enter the fields you want to request your website visitor to fill in (in the below example, I ask for a name and email address):

form builder software

Form builder

When done, save the Form and Note the name of the form (in this example is: “Try Promptchat FREE”.

These are the fields  you can request your website visitors to fill in:

fields in forms

Add a new field

Where do these forms go to? How do I retrieve them?

At this stage, you can now push this Form to your website visitor in manual mode by clicking it from this drop down menu (same place where the canned messages are):

pick he form to send to website visitor

Pick the form to send

You can assign these forms to an Automatically Opening chatbox too. So when no operators are logged in, the forms can still go out to website visitors – potentially generating you signups, registrations, feedback etc… Here is how you enter this form to automatically display in the chatbox;

Go to Administration/Chatboxes menu and scroll down to Auto open Message. Paste the form here;

Insert form into Auto-open message

Insert form into Auto-open message

Don’t forget to enter the Email address where you want to receive the contents of the forms.

You can do that in the form builder, here:

Enter your Email to receive forms


Note: The Form builder in Promptchat is integrated with the Newsletter system.

Read more about that here