Step by Step guide for setting up livechat newsletter – Integration between the Promptchat forms and the Newsletter System

 Read here the benefits of integration the Chatbox forms with the Newsletter system.

1)      Log in to your Promptchat account and navigate to Administration/Forms. Click to create a new form. Fill in the Name of the form, title, Intro, Sent, Open message and enter the fields you want to request your website visitor to fill in (in the below example, I ask for a name and email address):

Promptchat form builder

When done, save the Form and Note the name of the form (in this example is: “Try Promptchat FREE”.

At this stage, you can now push this Form to your website visitor in manual mode by clicking it from this drop down menu (same place where the canned messages are):

 Sending a form to a website visitor

2)      What you need to do next is to ensure that upon the Visitor entering his details – which you requested via the form (Name and Email address in our example) goes directly into a relevant Newsletter List. In Order to achieve that, go to your newsletter system, Log in and navigate to the Lists Tab. Create a new List and copy the Newsletter List ID from there as shown in the below screengrab:

Newsletter Campaign ID location

        Now, copy this List ID and paste it in Promptchat Account to the “Campaign ID” field of the Form you are working on;


Promptchat form campaign ID location

3)      The next step of the integration is to achieve that all the website visitors who ever receive an email from you and click on any of the links in your email(s) will be recorded in the Promptchat IP Database. Thus, you will know who it is that’s browsing your website even before you initiate in a live chat session with him/her. Promptchat does this by URL Parameters which are added to the hyperlinks in your Email Campaigns. 1st you need to create these URL Parameters in Promptchat under the Administration/Custom Parameters submenu. You will want to create a minimum of two Custom Parameters. (Name and Email address). See the screenshot below where you need to do this. Note, that the URL parameter for the “name” field should be “uname” as opposed to simply just “name”.(This is required due to some WP limitations – consequently if your website is not based on WordPress, then you can use the “name” Custom parameter too).

 Custom Parameters

4. When you have created the Custom Parameters, you will need to go back to the Newsletter system and create your Email campaign(s) or Autoresponder campaign(s) and add the following tags to the hyperlinks which are in the Email. Like this:

 Metatags in Newsletter Hyperlinks

That’s All. If you have set up all your Emails like this, you can benefit from knowing who your web visitors are. These will be shown in the “List of Visitors” Grid in the Promptchat client software in real-time. See below example.

 Custom Parameters in Visitors Grid