Decide how you want to use Promptchat on your website


Which in turn has two options.

Passive Embedded OR Passive Pop Up Chatbox.

You do not initiate the chat.

The site visitor takes the initiative and is aware of that option the moment he clicks onto your pages and sees the icons which advertise the online chat facility.

Typically to be used when content of the site has to be digested rather than just skimmed.

The pop up is a more blatant reminder to the site visitor and the embedded fits neatly into the flow of his absorption as he reads across the page. 90% of all websites using live chat software use it to provide online customer support.

If you are implementing live chat for customer support in order to provide instant assistance to your web visitors, this is your preferred mode.

Make sure you place the chat icon on your website to visible areas or just use the floating button which will be available across all your webpages if you put the script in the footer or the header of the site.