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About Us

About Us

We all chat! All day, everyday…

Whether it’s FB Messenger with friends and family or WhatsApp and Viber with colleagues and customers surely you yourself must have at least 2 chat apps on your phone. More “traditionally” we have our support queries dealt with via the live chat bubbles on websites.

When customers need to contact a company they prefer to chat as opposed to phone or email and vice versa companies prefer to handle incoming enquiries via chat instead of Phone and Email.

We are actually still fans of Skype but WhatsApp is just the best for mobile.

Back in 2018 there was no multi-channel chat app which could handle both the incoming chat requests and outgoing chat campaigns all under one roof at a reasonable price. So we set out to upgrade our existing live chat software to support SMS, FB Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber and Telegram too and added a drag & drop chatbot builder so anyone can start automating responses to incoming customer messages.

And then ChatGPT came to market which we quickly put under the hood of Promptchat for anyone that is ready to jump on the AI wagon.

Just look at all these great features:

1. A visual chatbot builder to easily automate replies to incoming messages


2. A multichannel Chatboard showing all your chat communication in one place


3. Instant messenger and Campaigns Manager

If you have a mobile phone with a SIM card in it all you need is a Promptchat account to start broadcasting manual or automated SMS and WhatsApp campaigns.


4. A Calendar based booking manager

Let your chatbot book your meetings. No need for 3rd party calendar systems


5. A WhatsApp shop based on the FaceBook Catalogue with Stripe payment facility and complete with order processing dashboard.


6. A white labeling dashboard allowing agencies to have all this under their brand (domain, hyperlinks, logos, Email SMTP and so on) literally within 1 hour.

We don't charge for impressions, usage, messages like seemingly everyone else does. All features are unlimited. The only cost is $5.75 per chat administrator seat (the guys who build the chatbots, campaigns and answering to incoming customer live chat requests) And there is a chat hosting server fee for the white label server product which depends on the hosting location.

Enjoy the simplicity of building with Promptchat!

You can try it for yourself ;-) Watch some videos in the learning platform (you will get automated access with a free test account)and create your free test account on https://www.get.promptchat.com/signup


PS: We will, at no cost, set up your 1st chatbot for your Website and help you send your first SMS and/or WhatsApp campaigns when you sign up to the Standard plan.

Build Chatbots for any platform