Promptchat Solution overview

Promptchat Solution overview

Promptchat Solution overview

Promptchat is a lightweight multi-channel chatbot builder platform
You can Build Custom chatbots with live chat for Websites, SMS, WhatsApp & Facebook and process in and outgoing messages all in one integrated platform
Promptchat can be self hosted on premise or hosted in the cloud.


Customers want relationships and ...relationships start with a chat

Meet Promptchat, the ultimate multi-channel chatbot builder platform.

Chat has become the ultimate winner as the preferred communication channel for businesses and consumers alike. Whether your preferred chat channel is SMS, WhatsApp or FB Messenger etc... 

You can use Promptchat's Chat Broadcaster to send single or mass messages including chatbots to your SMS, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Viber and Telegram contacts.

Improve team productivity with a shared chat inbox and centralise all your messaging channels

Promptchat is not only about sending messages. 
Receive chats from any supported channel and unify all your business 
messaging into one shared team inbox. 

You can Tag, share, add notes to incoming SMS, WhatsApp, FB or 
Live website chat messages and use the powerful search feature to 
find and filter chats within seconds.

Create chatbots via drag & drop in a visual editor 

Build chatbots using Promptchat’s easy to use drag&drop style visual conversation flow builder where no coding knowledge is necessary.

The built in chatbot templates help you get started and you will be building chatbots like a pro within the hour.

Promptchat integrates to all major social platforms and in addition to SMS, live chat and automated chatbots on your website you can create and broadcast chatbots for sales/marketing purposes on social media.

Provide real-time customer support by offering your
clients live chat facility 

Monitor effectiveness of your engagement(s) in real-time no matter which channels you used to message your contacts. 

See Geo location details, duration of each visit, timestamp and the entire history of your contacts’ customer journey.

Tags are handy for analytics and future communication with the same
user. Create tags which are unique to your direct messages and use
the auto tagging feature for effortless indexing of your 2 way

Build Chatbots for any platform