Email bot

Email bot

Email bot

Managing the daily influx of emails can be a daunting task, especially in an ever-changing market environment. This can significantly impact customer interactions, employee efficiency, and established workflows.

However, with the assistance of the Promptchat Email Bot, you can effortlessly manage large quantities of emails at a pace that matches the demands of the current market. Provide your customers with prompt and customized responses they anticipate. Enhance productivity. And enable your team to concentrate on the most crucial aspect – nurturing customer relationships.

The fastest way to convert Email users into chatters is Promptchat's Email bot

An Email Chatbot is a digital helper that takes the text from a user’s email as a query input and responds to the email sender within seconds.

How do Email bots work?

User queries originated by incoming emails are processed through the ChatGPT conversational AI platform or based on the promptchat proprietary rule based chatbot. Each user’s query is addressed with an automated response, delivered in the language preferred by the user based on your business's trained content.


Main features and benefits of Email chatbots

  • Quick and accurate response
  • No code training and integration
  • Multi language support
  • Real time Chatboard allows live monitoring of questions asked and responses provided
  • Human takeover at a click of a button
  • When the bot does not have the answer to a question - the conversation automatically goes into a live queue where human agents can pick up the conversation and continue
  • Receive WhatsApp notification when the chatbot is unable to answer a query
  • Invite Email senders to their preferred chat platform and continue the conversation via chat in their chosen mobile messenger

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