Why choose Promptchat’s Chat Center as your Call Center’s Live Chat Platform?

Tried and tested, Promptchat is Proven.

  • 80+ satisfied Call Center customers worldwide (half of them multi-language)
  • Dedicated Training Team and Technical Support (On-site or Remotely)
  • Hosted in the Cloud on pay monthly plan or Self Hosted Server, you choose
  • 3rd Party Software Integration is standard
  • Well documented system and 2 Software Upgrades per annum
  • Fully responsive and 100% customizable
  • Grow your own brand! Private label the complete system.

Must have features in live chat software for Call Centers

Call Center operators can manage 100s of websites simultaneously in shared environment. Shared environment means; all operators can receive and initiate chat conversations from all the websites at the same time alternatively, dedicated operator groups work on a group of websites which are divided either by;

  • languages
  • industry sectors
  • shift work
  • sales or support oriented live chat activity

The Chat Center system allows both the website owner and the chat center operator to take & initiate live chat conversations on the website simultaneously. If enabled, Website owner has the option to ban the Chat Center Operator for when he wants to do his own chatting during working hours.

An Email address may be set for each customer department and also per domain. Every categorized chat conversation gets automatically emailed to the relevant department of the website owner and its account owner. And then stays in the cloud archive. Administrators have full access to the chat transcripts, which can be;

  • Encrypted on a database level; ie; one of the HIPAA compliancy requirements
  • Can be deleted only by System Administrators directly from the database

Easily convers on 100s of websites by using the text predictive canned responses system. Each website owner can edit their own canned messages per language and per domain so the Chat Center Operator always has up-to-the-minute info. Canned responses become available for the domains and languages where they have been set for at the time of creation.

Not enough incoming live chat sessions? Use the Manual and / or Automatic proactive chat invitation feature to invite website visitors to chat on any of the websites assigned to the Chat Center Account. Automaticly opening chatboxes may be sent to visitors based on URL and Time spent on the site parameters on 2x levels;

  • Automatic message No. 1 at a predefined Time on a preset URL with preset greeting text, images and a custom made chatbox
  • Automatic message No. 2 at a predefined Time on a preset URL with preset greeting text, images and a custom made chatbox
Administrators can create chat categories and departments per customer. Chat operators can only leave a chat session upon categorizing the chat conversation and designating it to its relevant department.

A comprehensive set of reports and statistics can be exported from the system per date, account, domain, campaign, chat category, department or price. API provided for full database access.

  • Statistics also include; top referral pages, most popular pages, search keywords used etc…
Not just the traditional quality control processes of reading archives. System supervisors can step into any ongoing chat conversation and monitor each live chat session in real time. Also add to the conversation by co-chatting with fellow chat agents with the same visitor.

Price per chat session can be set by the chat category. For instance a support chat will cost €1 per chat and an appointment setting chat is charged at €5.

  • You can always charge a fixed rate for accumulative number of chat sessions per volume per month.
Allows chat operators to be grouped for certain websites. Easily create website groups per language, industry sector, sales/support etc… Chat Center operators who are part of a group will only see websites dedicated to that particular Chat Center account group.

Creating new trends in providing outsourced live chat service

Pay per chat or Pay per lead

The Pay per lead via live chat concept is a growing trend. Call Centers adopt to this method of charging and Promptchat’s Live Chat Software for Call Centers was designed with this in mind. Preset prices for when the Chat Centre conducts the live chat and a different price (maybe free) when the website owner does his own chatting. Prices are set per chat category. You can create numerous categories and set a price for each category.

  • Currency Setting: Set the billing currency for each account. Reports will be created in the given currency.
  • Statistics: Easily create and attach detailed reports and statistics to your service invoices. Chat reports are sorted by domain, campaign, category, department & date.
  • Email Notifications: Upon categorizing of each chat session the chat transcript is emailed to the relevant domain owner, department and the chat center account manager.

Top Up Chat Credit: Just like using pay as you go mobile phones. Some people love it, some hate it. This is for the ones who love it. Measure results within days. For instance some website owners prefer to use Chat Center services only during PPC campaigns.

Balance Notifications: Account owners and system administrators receive automatic balance Email notifications when credit balance of an account reaches 50%, 80% and when it is entirely used up.

Budget Settings: Put a cap on it! No Surprises! Give your customers the chance to use the service for as long as they can afford it.

New Customer Incentives. You can offer free chat credit to new customers!

… $50 chat credit will bring you 5 more sales leads within 2 days. Sign up here and get 5 new leads for free… Offering free trials for sales lead generation is a very effective way of acquiring new customers. Chat Center makes it easy to deploy free trials and generates measureable results.

Our Services for Call Centers

Promptchat.com provides a Turnkey Chat Center solution (sales, consultancy, operational and administrator training, 3rd paty software integration, support and maintenance)

  • We can advise you how to up sell the new live chat service to your clients
  • Remotely or on-site deploy and integrate the Chat Center in your call center
  • Provide quality control training to your supervisors and train your trainer
  • Integrate the reporting process to your in house billing systems

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