Chat server admin features

Make it yours! Upload your logo and hyperlinks, create end user accounts, manage your customers in the accounts administration console.


site configurations

System configuration

Your chat server is automatically installed on the (sub)domain of your choice. See our example;  With your administrator privileges you can upload your logos, favicon, powered by hyperlink and even set your own email service provider should you not want to use default settings.

See an example

Customer management console

See all your customers in one place and add/edit new users in the customer account management console. You can renew/suspend accounts, edit roles within a business account, set privileges, create departments etc…

chat server customer management console

chatbot translation

Translate the entire system

If Promptchat is not yet available in the language you want, feel free to translate the entire software. You can add a new language and translate the user interfaces of the chatbot builder platform, the live chat client but also all the system related email messages. The translations are entirely under your control and are available on ly on your chat server instance.



Lease it on a Pay Monthly Plan or Buy an Owned License

You can get a pay monthly leased server which will be hosted in our Datacenter either in Europe (Germany) or North America (NE), alternatively you can purchase the system and self host it.


Create chatbots

Build unlimited number of custom chatbots using the easiest in the industry; visual drag & drop chatbot builder platform and publish them anywhere on the web.

Calendar based events management

Book meetings, request telephone call backs, view available schedules and manage doctors appointments or property viewing requests with Promptchat’s  built in Calendar.


Live chat software for sales/support

If your business relies on its website to make a sale, you will sooner rather than later need to offer live chat support. Live chat software will not only help you sell more but increases customer loyalty too.


Google Maps Integration

Chatbots feature Google Maps integration as standard feature. Add multiple office locations and offer directions with opening times to website visitors within minutes.


Social Messengers Integration

What if a chatbot cannot help the web visitor and neither are you logged in to offer live chat support? Connect your chatbox to social messengers! Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are both integrated with Promptchat.

Full customization

Size of the chatbox, location of the chat bubble on your website and all colours, fonts and even the font sizes can be presonalized with the clolur codes you use in your online presence.


Set your pricing

Set your prices for your live chat service and chatbot accounts and sail off to new horizons! You pay Promptchat a fixed fee and you sell to your customers for however much you want to price the service.


Chatbot activity notifications

Every time a visitor uses your chatbot you can receive an email notification with the details of his/her visit. Chatbots are great for sales lead qualification and when the chatbot gets you a name and phone number you can follow up immediately.


Live chat request notifications

“A visitor is requesting live chat support” – click to login to your account…. You receive an instant email notification when a web visitor wants to chat. No need to sit in front of your computer all day wiating for live chat requests all day.

Analyze Customer Data

Promptchat records statistics for chatbot, live chat and social channel usage as well as offering analytics per agent. You can review usage either in real time or in the archive per calendar date. All live chat transcripts are protected by our proprietary encryption and are never deleted (for as long as you keep your server with us). Weekly statistics summaries are also emailed to a preset administrative email address.…

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"Ask us about our custom software development service. You pay the development hours for the features you want so that you get exactly what you need in just a matter of days."


– General Manager, Kornel Kathi

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