White Label Chatbot Builder with Live Chat

Chatbots, live chat, social messengers all-in-one | The only chatbox your website will ever need

  • Easy drag and drop chatbot builder interface
  •  Seamlessly integrated with the Promptchat live chat software
  • Build as many chatbots as you like for your website

80 percent of customers’ queries can be resolved by chatbots without human intervention

You can build custom chatbots for your website offering 24/7 customer service to your visitors and only when really needed will human intervention be requested. Live engagement apps supported are Promptchat’s live chat, WhatsApp or FB Messenger

A chatbot can stay online 24/7, 365 days

Chatbots outperform live chat as and when businesses want to offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Either you hire support agents who work in shifts, or limit your customer service to offering offline support via email and telephone during working hours.

Chatbots can multitask effortlessly

When you need to attend to 20 customers at the same time and you’ve got just one live chat operator on duty you’ll have scores of disgruntled customers who are tired of being on hold.
As opposed to their human counterparts, chatbots can handle unlimited number of chats simultaneously.

Faster response time and cost effective

Chatbots respond much faster to incoming chat request compared to live chat agents. Agents can be busy handling other chats and ultimately end up delaying their response.
Combining chatbots with live chat agents businesses can reduce customer service costs by up to 30 percent.

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