Get Promptchat: You host it or we host it?

Get Promptchat: You host it or we host it?

Get Promptchat: You host it or we host it?


Choose the pay monthly hosted license and start using it in minutes

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Simple and transparent pricing (Plans come fully featured)

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Cloud Hosted Plans

Unlimited bots on both plans





Messages per month



Appointment booking

Notification email routing

Team collaboration

Live chat takeover

FB, Viber, Telegram integration

WhatsApp Business API

SMS Integration

Promptchat Open API 



SMS / NumberSend/Receive SMS messages $5 per month
WhatsApp / NumberSend/Receive WhatsApp messages$30 per month
Email to Chat Parser / Email addressParse incoming emails for Mobile numbers and auto invite Email senders to WhatsApp$10 per month
Facebook Lead Ads integrationSupercharge your Facebook Lead Ads with an instant WhatsApp and/or SMS invite$10 per month


Custom needs?

For agencies or businesses with custom needs, contact us


Cloud Hosted White Label Server License

White label on-boarding fee$200 One off fee4 hours via remote desktop
White Labelling Dashboard$100 Monthly feeFixed royalty fee for unlimited customer accounts
White Label User$5 Monthly feePricing per user. Billed monthly

Here is how white label licensing works:

Let's assume you own a Web design company with 100 customers wanting to upsell these customers with your own branded chat system. You would sign up to the cloud hosted white label chat server edition and create an account for each of your 100 customers with 1 agent to start with for each customer.

The pricing looks like this for the above scenario:

  • 1x White Labelling dashboard at $100 / month
  • 100x $5 per month for each agent.

Your total monthly cost for 100 customer accounts under your brand will be: $600 / month.

Read more about the Promptchat Chatbot Builder's White Labelling Dashboard


Want to host Promptchat on your own server?

You can self host the Chat Server. Requires a VPS or dedicated server.

Shared hosting accounts are not supported. Ie; You cannot install Promptchat server on a shared hosting account.

Minimum VPS or dedicated server hardware requirements for self hosted server license installation: 1x Dedicated IP, Root access, 8 CPU cores, 30 GB RAM, 500GB SSD HD (US$ 30 per month if you want to lease such server on Promptchat's dedicated server farm pick Germany, Singapore or USA)

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