Build your 1st Promptchat chatbot

The following overview of the chatbot builder platform will help you get familiar with some of the most used features.

Start by creating a free Promptchat account. You can use Promptchat on your website for 30 days free of charge. Enter your name, your email address and a minimum 6 character password. A welcome email will be sent with your credentials to your registered email address. Check your spam folder if you cannot find it in the Inbox.

Adding a new operator. Add your name and fill in the Social Messenger fields (WhatsApp and FB Messenger) Visitors to your website will be able to message you on these channels. If you don't use social messengers, just leave these fields empty. Note: You will have to return here once you customised the chatbot you want to use (see the drop down menu with available chatbots.)

Go to the Button Settings tab. Here you can customise the colour of the chat bubble to meet the design of your website using the colour picker for the outer and inner regions of the chat bubble. Enter a welcome text and position the chat bubble either to the left or right edge of your website. You can auto-open this chatbox to every visitor after a preset time. In the above example this chatbox opens after 5 seconds a visitor arrived.

Then, head over to the Calendar tab where you can find calendars which you will want to make available for your visitors to book various events with you. In the above example you will see 3 different calendars. Calendars can be built for different departments in the business, or each employee may have his own booking calendar. All calendar based event scheduling can be confirmed via email from the chatbot admin panel.

Then, click on "edit calendar" to customise the name for the calendar event and enter a default time duration for each of the events booked by this particular calendar. The scheduler won't allow double booking for same tumeframes and will show booked timeslots as "unavailable for booking" to web visitors. Don't forget to enter the email address where you want to receive new bookings.

Click on the Live Chat tab where you will see a login form. (You will only see this at 1st time login. Here you can enable your chatbox to take live chat requests from website visitors. If you do not yet have credentials for live chat (note, these are different to the chatbot account credentials, see the next slide on where you can create the live chat option for your chatbot.)

Here is the link where you can create your live chat account: You will have to fill in all the required details. Note when you enter the domain name, DO NOT use "https:// or www." simply enter your domain name like this;

And finally we arrive to the Chatbots tab. Here is where you can create and customise chatbots for the automation of online sales/support on your website.You can create unlimited chatbots and place them around different pages of your site. A chatbot may be used by multiple employees. In the above example we see 4 different chatbots on this account.

With your chatbot account you will get a few chatbot templates by default. Templates are available for most major industries such as; car dealership, travel agency, estate agency, digital agency, health clinic. You can load a ready made chatbot from one of these templates and make the changes you want by editing the calendars, information request forms, opening times, pricing etc...

Once you loaded a template, simply click on a block and edit its contents. In this example we edit the highlighted block called "service". Edit the block by clicking the "pencil" icon in the top right corner of the block. Once clicked, the left hand panel will showcase the contents of that block. In this example you can add, rename and remove buttons make them multi selectable etc...

If you want your chatbot to ask your web visitor for information you have a few options. (All visitor input is archived in Statistics for later review and sent to the preset email address of the chatbot user). You can program the chatbot to ask for:

  • general text(for example a description of a support problem)
  • email address and telephone number
  • integer and decimal numbers

When you are finished with editing your chatbot, go back to the Operators tab.

  1. Click on edit (the pencil icon in the top right corner) and pick from the drop down menu which chatbot you want to use with this chatbox. /this operation is not shown in the above screenshot
  2. Click on the 'eye' icon /shown above/ to see the installation script. Copy it from here and paste it into the footer section of the HTML of your website(s). All CMS systems are supported including WP, Joompla, Drupal etc...

Do you need a helping hand to take care of creating custom chatbots with 3rd party software integration?

You can talk to a member of the team directly by calling (339) 309 2199 in the USA or call (44) 7492 241 828 in the UK.