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Promptchat’s livechatBOT platform is an Enterprise class chatbot builder solution designed for building scalable chatbots for all kinds of business oriented applications. Chatbots built by livechatBOT are typically deployed for support automation, customer engagement via proactive sales chat applying conversational marketing methods even going further into online payment processing and automated billing applications.

Available chatbot delivery channels

Chatbot delivery channels


Your potential customers want to buy quickly and comfortably through an integrated experience. They sign in from different devices and communicate through all available means. They are real-time users looking for a rewarding shopping experience, and they expect the best customer service. 
Customers expect you to meet their needs and demands even when they use different channels to communicate. You might understand the value of being present in multiple channels but not have the resources to be able to properly support your customers in each one of these. And this is where an omnichannel chatbot comes into play.
An omnichannel chatbot can be successfully implemented in multiple channels like your website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and wherever and whenever users interact but can still be managed from a single platform.
But working seamlessly across all channels is just the first step. Chatbots are made to customize each user’s experience whether that is for the purpose of real-time customer support via webchat, capturing a lead from a Facebook campaign or taking a payment via SMS. Chatbots automate processes and are easy to build, maintain and integrate with 3rd party software.

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System Architecture

The livechatBOT system consists of several integrated modules operating hand in hand utilizing up to the minute technologies.

  1. Master Administration System (MAS)
  2. Chat Server
  3. End User Account Management

MAS (Master Administration System)


The System Administrator use MAS to create new livechatBOT Server Licenses.

There are 2 types of MAS Server Licenses: 

Server License Type A: Cloud hosted (Point your domain to the hosting server's IP)

Server License Type B: On premise hosted (Requires VPS or Dedicated Server)

livechatbot license server


And there are 2 ways to create new Server Licenses;

  • Online via a webform placed in an IFrame
  • Manually within the MAS interface

MAS Plan editor

Use the Plan Editor for:

  • setting the price for each plan
  • setting time frame for each plan
  • Set whether the plan is public or for single “demo” use
  • Configuring modules for each Server Plan


Server Plans are constructed from the following system modules:

MAS Transactions
All payment transactions performed by the Wallet system are archived under MAS Transactions. Data includes the transaction date, name/title of purchased product or service and amounts with currency. Payments can be declined/confirmed and be replenished.

MAS Users
Under the Users Tab are the current users of Chat server accounts with registration date, email, phone and encrypted passwords. Each server’s wallet may be checked for balance and transactions. (Transactions data is limited to the purchased plan, ie; does not show buyers’ actual details)

MAS Emails
This is the Email Template Management area. All System related email and SMS (Q1, 2020) messages have a template which can be edited via built in HTML editor. (Such as Last day of Subscription, Wallet has insufficient funds available, service renewal due, successful payment, new user registrations etc….)

Chat Server

The Chat Server Administrator will have administrative access to the configuration module of the chat server.

Modules available are:



Chat Server Admin

Transactions: Check transactions performed by the server wallet.

Templates: Create and Set Chatbot Templates to be available to all Chat Server Users (End Users) in their Chatbot Editor area.

Site Configs: White Labelling Dashboard allows for system to be rebranded including, Hosting URL, Favicon, MicroSite SEO Descriptions, Logo, Server Terms & Conditions Documentation, Powered by... link, Business PayPal Integration info, Email SMTP Server and custom fonts may be added. 

Customer Accounts: Each Customer account who uses the particular brand’s chat server will have it’s users, departments data and wallet displayed with the ability to manage the registered plan they are presently using.

Plans: Pricelist builder for the Chat Server. Whatever modules were assigned in the MAS Plan Editor may be priced up individually by the Chat Server owner alternatively bundled plans may be created. This Pricelist is available to all Chat Server users under the “Plans” tab in their account. The Chat server wallet’s owner books payments directly to their preset Business PayPal account.

Languages: The entire system is designed to be multilingual. Add new languages and using the Translates module it is possible to create new language versions of all software user interfaces.

End User Account Management


This is the platform which End Users log in to build chatbots, answer live chat requests, check statistics for live chat, chatbot usage, SMS and social messengers activity.


livechatBOT enterprise GUI

End User accounts have 3 user privilege access levels: System admin, Company admin and Operator. Depending on the role a user has the following user interface is available.

BOT Area: The Bot menus allow the creation of Chatboxes and their respective delivery channels(s).

Analytics: Check detailed real-time and historic performance statistics to include chatbot usage, live chat usage and social messengers usage.

Calendar: Chatbots can book all kinds of calendar based events based on predefined and integrated calendar systems. livechatBOT has a complete built in calendar based booking management engine which integrates via API to any 3rd party app.

Button Settings: Visual and look & feel of the chatbox(es) can be 100% personalized to match any website’ or mobile app’ colours.

Chatbots: This is the actual builder platform with API which allows to build conversation flows with a visual drag&drop editor and industry leading API with built in visual testing module.

The Live Chat area consists of the live chat interface with real time tracking and conversation tagging features in addition to the “waiting visitors” are which is maintained for website visitors who have not yet been helped by neither the chatbot or a live chat operator.

Company tab is available to Company admins and System admins for the administration of Users, up and downgrading of their livechatBOT plan.
License tab will take the customer to the license server where funds may be added to their wallet for the purchase of license renewal and or SMS package purchases.

Security and API

livechatBOT boosts its own proprietary encryption.

The chatbot editor's API will allow you to integrate with all types of 3rd party software using a variety of webservices available today. Whether that be a CRM or support ticketing application, livechatBOT will be able to communicate dynamically.

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