Promptchat version comparison

You host it or we host it? How many users?


All solutions are available on a Pay Monthly Cloud Hosted Plan or as an Owned License available for download for a one time fee which you can either Self Host or take out a “Hosting Only Plan” from us. There are no usage restrictions for any of the plans, just choose how you want to pay.

Easy to set up

Easy to launch and procure new clients

There are no Hidden Costs

Easy to upsell to existing customers

Microsite included

Start selling within a day. White label reseller server licenses include a microsite with online account generator hosted on client’s domain. Grow your own brand!


Custom sw development

If you cannot find a software feature you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us and request it. If it’s something most of our other clients would apprecitate we develop it at no extra cost to you.

Owned server license owners

Owned Licenses include 12 months Support & SW Updates access with the initial purchase. After that, Software updates can be optionally renewed to maintain access.


We will support you

We will provide customer support via remote desktop and Skype usually within hours. 


Free Updates

Customers using the Pay Monthly Cloud Hosted Plan automatically and seamlessly receive software updates to the latest and greatest.



Do you want to build a custom chatbot

Have a project that inludes live chat and/or chatbots but don’t know how best to proceed? Don’t leave this site without requesting a free phone call with one of our experts. We have been doing this since 2007 and will recommend a solution even if it’s by a competitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know you can always chat with us online by opening the chatbox to the right. In case we are unable to reply instantly, click on the FB or WhatsApp icon in the chatbox and message us through one of those social messengers and wait till we get back to you.

Which of the Promptchat solutions allow me to use the software on unlimited websites?

All of them. We believe every website should have a chatbox on it – so feel free to sign up and deploy Pormptchat’s live chat and chatbots on as many sites as you can just make sure you can handle all the incoming enquiries.

What is the difference between the cloud hosted pay monthly chat server and the self hosted chat server?

These are the same chat server software. The difference is that we host the pay monthly server whereas you will host the owned server license. If you want to host the server yourself proceed with purchasing the server license.

If I need additional features which are particular only for my business, can you still help me?

Sure, we do this everyday. We are well aware that it is almost impossible to find any off the shelf software which will do everything per our needs. We charge responsibly only the development hours your project requires.

I am a startup with no existing clientele to upsell live chat and chatbot builder accounts to, will Promptchat still work for me?

Yes and in fact you are without question at the best place to be right now if you are about to start an online business. Within a day your white label chat server can be up and running – ready to generate monthly recurring revenue.

Is the chat server truly white label?

Yes. All the logos, hyperlinks in the software even the Email sender SMTP server records are private labelled. Should you have existing in-house systems you want to integrate live chat and chatbots with, we can help you achieve it. 

We are mobile app developers and some of our clients want the live chat and chatbot features under a tab in their mobile apps

Yes, we can help you with that. You will need to have a server license and we will give you the scripts which you will simply paste into the mobile apps you are building. Your clients will enjoy the benefit of a web based chat client too!