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Promptchat Server Version 6.0 release notes

If you really want to chat with your website visitors whether that is for customer support or sales lead generation, Promptchat now has the perfect all-in-one chatbox solution.

The new design supports 3 types of messaging channels in a single chatbox; custom chatbots, live chat and social messaging integrations for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Web based chat client

Live chat operators can now use a web interface to initiate and respond to live chat requests.
Those who prefer to use the Windows platform can continue to use the Windows chat client software as it continues to be supported for both Live Chat and Chat Centre applications.

No more missed chats

Do you have similar chat statistics? Have a closer look at the image below (chat report courtesy of a Promptchat Live Chat account holder). With Promptchat 6.0 we tackle the issue of solving the problem of chat agents forgetting to sign out at the end of duty and/or simply just not allocating adequate staff levels for a pro live chat operation.

Automate repetitive tasks via chatbots! Build custom chatbots using the Promptchat chatbot builder for visitors to use 24/7

Depending on industry, specially via integrations to in-house systems up to 80% of chat responses can be automated! Clearly when it comes to chatbots it is still a big Wild Wild West out there however a few things are certain such as that a chatbot is quicker than a human. Consequently web visitors’ 1st call of action is to check whether the chatbot can help and only if not will they then turn to requesting a live chat with a live agent. Chatbots can also work 24/7 nonstop chatting with multiple visitors whereas a human can manage only a maximum of 5 visitors simultaneously and will never work longer then 3 hours without a break.

The new Promptchat chatbot builder platform requires no coding skills, boosts an easy to use drag & drop interface offering calendar based event scheduling (book appointments, schedule bookings, call backs), provide pricing info, advise on opening hours, handle support inquiries etc…). All this boosted by a convenient agent side scheduler and detailed bot statistics for learning about web visitor activity so that you can adjust chatbot functionality for slicker performance.

API for integrations

The chatbot builder platform is designed to allow customisation of various chatbots out of the box, however for truly comprehensive results integration to 3rd party software and in-house systems is inevitable no matter how big or small an online business is. Together with the Promptchat 6.0 release we make available the API (REST) free of charge neither is there a fee for developer technical support. If and when a custom sw integration is undertaken by our team an hourly rate for custom software development will be charged on the basis of a project specific price quotation.(business as usual)

If the chatbot can’t help and no live agent is available to take live chats? Now you can use Promptchat in semi-live chat mode

The new semi-live chat messaging channel integrates to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and click through usage is archived in bot statistics. Web visitors can pick the messenger they use (generally everyone is already logged in to Facebook Messenger) or mobile browsers are equally likely to have WhatsApp on their phone. FB Messenger messages come to the brand page of the company and corporate users may use WhatsApp business (equally free edition from WhatsApp). Live chat agents are not under pressure to respond instantly since the contact is made via these 3rd party apps.


Will I need to change the script on my customers websites after the upgrade?

NO. This is an add-on system to Promptchat Version 5.2. To make use of the chatbot builder platform and the Social Messengers an additional script will have to be placed in customer websites.

I am paying a monthly support and maintenance fee, do I need to pay for this upgrade?

Yes. Software updates are included with the maintenance contract (such as Sw Ver. 5.1 to 5.2 was free), however Software version 6.0 is a major upgrade and in fact an add-on system to existing Promptchat server license key owners.

Can I pay a one off fee for a server license and host it on my server or do I need to pay monthly for a hosted solution?

Both options are available.

(New Customers) Does Promptchat 6.0 mean that when I purchase this system I get both the Live Chat Server and the Chatbot Builder platform?

Yes. However you can purchase standalone solutions at a reduced rate. (ie: you might not find live chat necessary since the Chatbot Builder platform offers the social messenger channels for semi-live chat)

What is the fee for custom sw development?

Custom sw integration is charged per development hour based on project price quotation.

Is there a fee for 3rd party developer support when using your API?

No. This will always be free.



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