Grow Your Own Brand And Create a New Revenue Stream By Selling Your Live Chat Service to your clientele! …. In less than a week.

With the Promptchat white label chat server you can start a SAAS business under your own brand and sell unlimited live chat software to UNLIMITED customers! As a White label chat server owner, you’ve got a business in a box – it’s a turnkey solution that lets you start selling instantly. And with our extremely comprehensive white label solution, you can brand everything – remove every reference to Promptchat and change any text or any image in the product. Even better – we even provide a free API that lets you procure your own customer accounts automatically.

Why is this the only truly White Label Chat server on the market?

Totally Unlimited. We impose no limits on how many customers you will sell your live chat service to. Both the cloud hosted and the self hosted chat servers are unlimited. You manage your customers via your own customer management console.

Brand Everything. All the logos, hyperlinks and even the SW License Agreement which your customers accept upon installing the chat client software are branded with your artwork and company information. There is zero reference to Promptchat.

Lease it or Own it. You can lease a private label chat server from us on a pay monthly plan alternatively host the chat hosting server yourself on your own VPS or dedicated server. We also offer server hosting services to owned license customers.

Who is it for?

100+ live chat companies, Contact Centers, E-commerce platforms are powered by the Promptchat chat server

Also for Web Designers & Webhosting companies

As a web developer or web host, you need something that can differentiate your services from your competition. You could sell a discounted live chat account & real-time tracking solution to boost your margins on your websites/hosting plans.

For Online Marketing Agencies

Promtpchat’s white label chat server includes many features to help measure and increase the effectiveness of Online advertising and marketing campaigns. Live chat in a banner ad, integration with PPC adwords, real time campaign monitoring and detailed reports help Marketing agencies.

For Mobile App Developers

Live chat being available in a mobile app is on the boom and no need to ask why! We have integrated Promptchat’s live chat platform offering real-time in-app live chat facility in numerous mobile apps. As example browse for the child safety app or the Fliber App in the App stores.

Lead Generation Companies

Sales lead generation via live chat is a service which we ourselves do too via our outsourced live chat/Websecretary service. Its incredibly easy to pick up pre-qualified sales leads from a website. Sales lead generation companies who recognize this can deploy the system on their own brand.

Custom Software Integrations

We deployed our white label live chat server on numerous Ecommerce platforms and integrated it with 3rd party software. We can do it for you too. In fact, you can do it yourself. The server side source code is programmed in PHP/MySQL/Javascript & the Chat client in C sharp based on Microsoft .Net.


There are not many business opportunities available online for as low as $50 a month startup investment. However, Promptchat is one of these! (We actually never came across any other plan that offers anyone the opportunity to start a branded software business for only $50/month. Did you?

The Client Management Dashboard Gives You Total Control Over Your Customer Accounts

The self hosted white label chat server is nowhere connected to any of our systems. The server side source code is freely available with every installation so that you can continue to add/integrate further features. Some of the default features below:

Your own brand

You can pack your own branded desktop software and mobile chat app client using our simple to use Sw packer. You can brand everything with your logos, hyperlink, Software Licensee Agreement.

Payment & Billing Control

Set your prices for your chat service per domain and/or per chat agents and you can even automate the payment and online account generation process with the PayPal integration plugin.

Offer various live chat plans

You are in control of the features you include in the live chat plans you offer. Add and remove features per your pricing policy – Even offer a free plan if you like.

Customer Admin Panel

Manage your existing customers, time frames, chat agent access, add and delete domains with full access to monitoring account usage.

Online Account Generators

Create online account generator forms and put these in an Iframe on your and your partners’ website(s). Let your website traffic do the sales for you. Offer free trial periods too.

Reseller, Affiliate Tracking

The Customer Management Dashboard allows you to create (none administrative) dashboard access for your Resellers and Affiliates for them to create and manage their own client accounts.

Email autoresponder

Built in Email autoresponder sends emails to new accounts automatically during the signup process. Email content and subject can be edited with an HTML editor.

Integrated EMail server

Mail server using your SMTP details sends system related messages and chat transcripts to your users and their website visitors. Fully comprehensive and secure carrying your brand.

Chat Center Integration

The customer management dashboard is fully integrated with the Chat Center System. You can add any Chat account to a Chat Center Account (outsourced chat providers) at a click of a button.

Brand Everything

Hundreds of features

Sell your branded live chat software to your customers. As a White label chat server owner, you’ll get a complete toolbox that lets you customize the chat software with your own design, procure and manage your customer accounts. If you need an extra language you can simply add it using the built in translator module.

Customize live chat packages

Via the web based customer management console you can customize each package you sell – turn features on and off, manage the domains, number of simultaneous chat agents each account can use etc… per their paid plans. PayPal integration plugin available.

Sign up resellers, affiliates

The integrated reseller/affiliate manager system allows you to sign up unlimited resellers and online affiliates (even online) to resell your branded live chat software service. The whole process is automatic and you remain in full control as you set the partner access privileges.

Your customers are your customers

As a private label chat server owner, whether you are on a leased server plan or self host your own server – your customers remain your own. Only you have access to your client database and whoever else you share your data with. HIPAA database encryption service is available.

How can the live chat server benefit my business
  • Live chat can be used on your own websites.
  • Can be bundled with your own software/service.
  • Can be given away free or offered as a bonus.
  • Can be published under your brand in PlayStore and App Store.
  • Offer outsourced chat services to your customers. You provide the live chat on your client’s websites for a fee.
  • Can be branded with your own logos & information.
  • Can be submitted to software directories.
  • Can be added to paid membership sites.
  • Launch your affiliate program for this new product.
  • The bottom line is that without development you can launch your own live chat business which can become a profitable service within a month.
What does the system consist of?

A complete live chat server system consist of the Chat Server Software, Customer Management Console, Windows chat client, Web based chat client, Android chat client mobile app and iOS chat client mobile app.

Chat Server Software

This is a PHP/MySQL Chat Hosting Server Software supplied with open source code. It is a master server which you can add unlimited number of chat servers in the future as you grow.

Customer Management Console

Via the customer management console you can manage your chat server, databases. Includes a reseller/affiliate manager, auto responder and you can categorize customers into Groups.

Windows Chat Client Software

Your customers will install this fully features Windows software and connect to their individual live chat accounts. The sw is specially compiled with your brand and connects to your server.

Web Based Chat Client

Your customers can also connect to their live chat account using the optional web based chat client. (Ideal for Mac, Linux users). Not fully featured but boosts all the live chat features.

Android Chat Client Mobile App

Clients can also connect to their live chat account using an Android device via the mobile app. You can publish the mobile app as developer under your brand. You need a Google Developer account.

iOS Chat Client Mobile App

Clients can also connect to their live chat account using an iOS device via the mobile app. You can publish the mobile app as developer under your brand. You need an Apple Developer account.

Should I buy an Owned License or Lease a server monthly

Lease it on a Pay Monthly Plan or Buy an Owned License

You can get a pay monthly leased server which will be hosted in our Datacenter either in Europe (France) or North America (QC), alternatively you can purchase the system and self host it. The 3rd option is when you purchase the system and take out a hosting contract from us taking advantage of our optimized servers, free backups and guaranteed lowest price!

  • Benefit of the Pay Monthly Leased License Plan is that you can start with a low $49 startup cost and do not need to deal with any technicalities.
  • Benefit of Buying the Owned Server License is that you get access to the source code and you can host the chat server in your own environment.
  • Benefit of Hosting your Bought Owned Server License with us is that we guarantee lowest hosting cost, free backups & system administration.
What happens after purchasing your Promptchat Chat Server

The Step by Step Process of Turning Your White Label Chat Server Investment into Monthly Recurring Income.

Hardware & Software Requirements

The Step by Step Process of Turning Your White Label Chat Server Investment into Monthly Recurring Income.

  • Apache 2 -> The .htaccess files should be enabled. ->
    – mod_rewrite should be available. -> If possible compile Apache 2 and configure it to run in MPM mode workers. ->
    – configure the TCP connection to be kept alive for 15 seconds.
  • PHP5 -> Apache should be configured to recognize files with extension .php5 as php scripts. ->
    – The following php modules are reuired: mbstring, mcrypt, mysql, mysqli, zlib
  • MySQL 5

If this server is dedicated to run only Promptchat it should be able to handle 500-1000 requests per second. That should be sufficient to handle 2000-3000 simultaneous visitors and around 200 operators. The number of websites depends on the load of each web site.

For small business web sites the number is probably around 250.