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If you are an online agency looking to expand into providing live chat services or want to add live chat and chatbot features to your own online platform/software Promptchat has a ready-to-go solution. 

Promptchat can be hosted in-house or launch a leased chat server in minutes!

What do you want to start with?

Want to test the impact of conversational marketing?

Automate customer support via chatbots?

Increase sales via proactive live chat? 

Customer support

Provide real time support to website visitors. Features include; canned responses, multiple operator chat, chat categorization, departments and a whole lot more.

Chatbot builder

Build chatbots for the automation of replies to repetitive questions. Bots allow you to 24/7 ask questions, send downloadable files and use your internal FAQ system.

Lead Generation

Real time website traffic and chatbot monitoring allows you to proactively invite site visitors for a live chat. Effective usage of this feature allows you to generate hot leads!


3rd party software integration is inevitable for best results. Promptchat already integrates to the most popular platforms and will integrate to yours too. Contact us if in doubt.

Book meetings, Call back requests 24/7

Calendar based events management

Promptchat has a built in calendar management system which integrates with Google calendar and any other calendar app you might already use and don’t want to change. Website visitors can book events directly in the chatbox using the chatbot’s calendar which events then are confirmed by the event manager (Promptchat account owner) when logging in their account. Customizable email notifications are sent to both the web visitor and account owners.

dare to be creative

Build intelligent chatbots but also make them user friendly

A chatbot shouldn’t all be about automation. Chatbots should be interesting and conversational keeping website visitors engaged with the brand of the website. With the promptchat chatbot builder you can create conversation flows with embedded photos and animated gifs making a chat conversation “colourful”. Use variables so once a visitor gives his/her name, that chatbot will use it for the remainder of the conversation.

Who is it for?

100+ live chat companies, Contact centers, Digital agencies, E-commerce platforms are powered by the Promptchat live chat server and chatbot builder platform.

For Web Designers & Webhosting companies

As a web developer or web host, you need something that can differentiate your services from your competition. You could sell a discounted live chat & chatbot solution to boost your margins on your websites/hosting plans.

For Mobile App Developers

Live chat being available in a mobile app is on the boom and no need to ask why! We can help you implement promptchat’s in-app live chat facility within a matter of days for both Android and iOS platforms.


For online marketing agencies

Promtpchat’s white label chat server includes many features to help measure and increase the effectiveness of Online advertising and marketing campaigns. Live chat in a banner ad, integration with PPC adwords, real time campaign monitoring and detailed reports help Marketing agencies.

For Everyone

Built For Online Agencies, Portals, Developers & Personal Use

Brand Everything. All the logos, hyperlinks and even the SW License Agreement which your customers accept upon registering an account are branded with your artwork and company information.

Lease it or Own it. You can lease a private label chat server from us on a pay monthly plan alternatively host the chat/chatbot hosting server yourself on your own VPS or dedicated server. Software maintenance is included in the purchase price for the 1st year.

Mobile Optimized

Full Customization

World Class Support

3rd Party Support

Updates & Fixes

User Roles

Robust Documentation

Built In Analytics

Why is promptchat the only truly White Label Chat server on the market?

Totally Unlimited. We impose no limits on how many customers you will sell your live chat and chatbot service to. Both the cloud hosted and the self hosted chat servers are unlimited. You manage your customers via your own customer management console. Upload your logos, hyperlinks, email service provider and soon launch your white label chat mobile apps too!